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"Folklore believed in our dreamy save-the-world mission."

Sally Metelerkamp
Founder of Lived

Addiction can happen to anyone.

Seeking help and support for addiction is often a fragmented and confusing process. With long wait times to see a health professional, lack of access to services and plenty of paperwork - getting the support you need, when you need it is a huge challenge.

“Whether it’s a father with a dependence on alcohol, a sister who uses cocaine or a close friend actively involved in gambling - if you know more than 5 people in Australia, chances are you know someone who needs help with addiction - Sally Metelerkamp, CEO, Lived

Meeting Lived

We met Lived pre-product and pre-revenue, but with a vision to change the nature of addiction recovery, forever. They wanted to give people with addiction and their families another option beyond episodic programs that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process and Lived wanted to create lifelong members, for a lifelong condition. They understood a unique human insight - People join a community like Lived to get support but they stay to give support back. There’s no trick to it, it’s just deeply wired in us as humans.

The mission

The Lived team have seen first hand how difficult and painful addiction can be, especially when it affects families and loved ones. Together, they want to make sure that no-one faces addiction alone - irrespective of where or who they are. They are working to build the world’s largest ecosystem of support - because nobody should face addiction alone, on their mission is to give every person fighting addiction a pathway to purpose. Because the opposite of addiction, is connection.

We were drawn by their clear vision and mission, basing our  investment thesis on addiction being omni present and a growing psychological behaviour impacting millions globally, while manifesting in many forms with treatment costs spiralling.

The team

Because addiction is a problem that touches every part of society - Lived is building a team that is just as diverse as the people affected by addiction. The team are wildly vulnerable and courageous - showing up daily full of energy to tackle this wicked problem, while doing it with care.

What's next?

Since we met Lived, they've launched their MVP and have gained significant traction with their early users. We are excited to see what they'll do next, as they focus on building circles that change people's lives.

Legends in the Making

Folklore had backed incredible companies from autonomous medical drones, to addiction management and crime fighting technology.

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