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5 Questions With… Eric Peck from Swoop Aero

Eric Peck co-founder of Swoop Aero, talks to us about his interest in insect photography, best investments, and the magic of mobile phones!


Nicole McCallum

March 26, 2020

Eric Peck co-founder of Swoop Aero, talks to us about his interest in insect photography, best investments, and the magic of mobile phones!

Swoop Aero enables on-demand healthcare with aeromedical logistics. They are transforming the way the world moves essential supplies and improving the lives of thousands of peoples around the world.

What was your first full time / paid job?

I ran various business ‘schemes’ as I was growing up, from breeding chickens and selling them at markets, to import scooter parts and mobile phones and selling them on eBay.

My first proper paid job was as a “Boostie” at Boost Juice; I worked there for 5 years throughout school to pay for flying lessons, and can still remember most of the recipes!

What makes you weird?

Everything? Just kidding, but If I had to choose one thing, it would be my tendency to take extreme close-up photos of insects or spiders. The intricate details of these small creatures is really amazing, so I actually have a whole collection on my phone. My most recent is of a millipede from Southern Malawi.

What piece of technology seems like magic to you?

I’d have to say mobile phones, and the real magic being how they can connect people. The technology is fairly well known, right…I have a pretty good understanding of how it actually works, but having spent a fair bit of time in emerging countries over the past two years, being able to stand in a field in Africa, or a volcano in the South Pacific and video call the other side of the world never ceases to amaze me.

What investment (money, professional, personal, whatever!) have you made that’s had the greatest impact on your life?

Definitely into education, in various forms throughout my life. Starting my professional career in military aviation really cemented the concept of continuously educating yourself. Whether it’s in something professional, a new sport, or learning a new language, investing the time (and money) to learn and grow has a phenomenal payback. I would say that the ROI has been able to found Swoop Aero, travelled the world, and met some amazing people along the way.

If you could encourage someone to read/listen/watch one thing what would it be?

Choosing one single book to read / podcast to listen to is really difficult; I’ve probably got a top 10, so I’ll make a contemporary suggestion. I recently read ShoeDog by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, and thought it was truly inspirational; I had never even thought about where Nike came from. If you’ve ever thought you were chasing an impossible dream, this is the book for you in 2020.

Find out more on the amazing work Swoop is doing on their blog.

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