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Getting to know the Folklore team – Meet Chris

Meet Chris Mann, Investment Associate


Folklore Ventures

February 9, 2022

Our team Q&As give you an inside look at the people behind Folklore.

As an Investment Associate, Chris works alongside the rest of our investment team and Partners to find exceptional founders and teams and then support them on their journeys.

Tell us about your journey prior to Folklore.

When I left school, I wanted to be an actor, but it wasn’t to be! Since then I’ve been building my catalogue of skills, working in advertising, accounting, investment banking (advising on mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and other capital market transactions), biotech startup operations (as the first Australian employee alongside the co-founders) and now investing at Folklore.

Why is venture capital, and Folklore, the place for you?

In my past roles, I've always been more interested in changing the way things are done rather than just filling a function, even teaching myself Office VBA (outdated Microsoft code) to build toolbars for my team to reduce the time taken on manual formatting tasks.

So for me, I love working in VC because I get to interact with ambitious, passionate founders who are unsatisfied with the status quo and are seeking to leave a legacy by coming up with innovative solutions in the hope of creating something enduring.

Being able to support these companies to create something impactful that wouldn’t exist without the founder’s conviction and our capital is energising.

I’m excited by the contribution VCs can make in building the innovation ecosystem and I loved that Folklore had broader ambitions than just writing cheques.  I wanted to work with a team that has been in venture for some time but also had deep operational experience and a bigger-picture vision for the ecosystem. Folklore’s ambition is bold, with a real north star of creating a generational VC firm that makes me excited to come into work each day.

What most excites you about the Australia and New Zealand startup ecosystem?

The on-demand nature of cloud computing and the proliferation of new technology has made it cheaper than ever to create a startup.  Lowering the barriers to starting a new business creates a huge opportunity to solve problems that have previously been visible to only a few, and I believe creating a system that connects capital to great founders could propel the Australian and New Zealand tech industry into one of the world’s largest. 

What’s your superpower? 

Knowing what I don’t know.

What’s a non-work passion of yours? 

A few years ago I taught myself how to play the guitar and piano which has given me a great creative outlet while in some of my more analytical roles.  One day I’m hoping to be proficient enough to busk!

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