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Getting to know the Folklore team - Meet Georgia

Meet Georgia Marshall, Marketing & Platforms


Folklore Ventures

April 1, 2022

Our team Q&As give you an inside look at the people behind Folklore.

Georgia supports our community along their startup journeys and leads the curation of ecosystem programming and events, among other things.

What brought you to Folklore? 

My passion for the startup ecosystem was ignited at Fishburners (where many startup stories have begun). While managing and scaling the Fishburners community, I was meeting thousands of founders who were turning their visions into reality. And for three years, I spent every Friday running pitch nights –  so naturally became fascinated by all things innovation and impact. 

I then had the privilege of running a national program for over 50 First Nations founders and aspiring investors with the Minderoo Foundation. After wrapping the program, which was called Dream Venture Masterclasses, I came across Folklore and was immediately captivated by its focus on diversity and its commitment to supporting founders and their teams from first cheque to forever. 

Since joining the Folklore team in November, I have been building Campfire: a dedicated space for our founders and their teams to come together, access resources and swap insights. I’m also working to pull more ambitious startup founders and operators into our community via our Chapters, community partnerships, and a range of other initiatives to come!

In a word, how would you describe Folklore’s community? 

In one word - bold. Members of our internal community come from all types of roles, backgrounds and parts of Australia (and the world), but have a shared sense of ambition in common. Folklore invests in founders who have taken risks to do their life’s work. These founders attract like-minded, values-driven team members. Our community is made up of startup leaders who are highly skilled and working to build something legendary. 

What about our startup ecosystem most excites you? 

Firstly, how collaborative the Australian startup ecosystem is. It is such a tight-knit community with a culture of giving back. There is endless support for budding founders and operators from not only accelerator programs, but co-working spaces, service providers, and founders who are further along the startup journey. Secondly, an increased awareness that startups are an exciting, dynamic alternative to the traditional corporate route post-university graduation. This didn’t exist in the same way when I left university, which was only five years ago. There’s been a big shift in a short window of time!  

What makes you weird?

Many things. I’m the only entrepreneurial type in a family of teachers and nurses. I spill drinks all the time, I am the slowest eater I know, and I have to sing when a good song comes on. 

What’s your superpower? 

I'd say my superpower is finding and connecting great people with one other. I’m fascinated by the impact the right introduction, opportunity or insight can have on a startup’s future. 

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