April 20, 2021

Getting to know the Folklore Team - Meet Tort

Meet Victoria Macarthur-Stanham, Investor Relations


Folklore Ventures

As Folklore’s Investor Relations Manager, Victoria (“Tort”) Macarthur-Stanham uses her passion for human connection to create a great experience for our investors.

I’m the biggest believer in the power of people as the heartbeat and engine room of any high performing business

Maya Angelou’s famous quote is one that guides my philosophy and approach to Fundraising and Distribution and client experience more generally; “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

I view time as a commodity and invest it accordingly by thinking about spending my time in the same way as I think about spending money; it’s nice to have and do it all, but it’s also unrealistic! I seek to cultivate the relationships where I think I can add value and which bring me joy. Invest in the best!

I have had a non-linear path to venture and I wouldn’t change any of it 

They say variety is the spice of life and in one way or another I think that life has a fascinating way of knitting together your experiences to form a clear picture, but it’s only with the benefit of hindsight that you can look back and see how it all holds together. 

When I completed my Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (Psychology), I toyed with going on to do either Medicine or Clinical Psychology - but neither felt completely right. 

Before entering the world of Finance and subsequently, VC, I casted people in advertisements, shook cocktails in Sydney’s Marble Bar to get through University and travelled the world on a shoestring! At 21, I started a job at KPMG and quickly worked out that the bureaucracy of goliath companies was too prescriptive for a free-spirit like me. After KPMG I worked at alternative assets manager M.H Carnegie & Co, which was pioneering VC in Australia at the time. I sat on the family office side of the business. At the time, I didn’t know what a family office was, I was just happy to tackle a challenge and loved figuring things out along the way.

I then went on to do my Masters of Finance whilst working across business development and strategy at Australian Financial Services provider Shaw and Partners. At Shaw, I acted as the right hand to the CEO; overhauling the business and scaling FuM from $5bn to $20bn over 4-5 years. In this role I was responsible for driving all facets of the company’s growth, working across various M&A transactions, strategy, recruitment, marketing and communications.

In 2018/2019 I project managed the sale of the business to an international buyer. After the transaction closed, I missed the satisfaction and fast pace that came with building and growing a company in the early stages of the business life cycle. In a bid to reactivate my connections in the startup ecosystem, I joined the Startmate Fellowship in 2020 and through the programme I was connected to Folklore Ventures. 

Venture is imaginative, inspiring and incredible

I was drawn to Folklore because of the team’s deep mission to power the founders, teams and businesses of tomorrow that will change the world as we know it. It is powerful, impactful and purposeful work. I wanted to surround myself with the best people to build a long range technology asset management business that outlives any of us; which for me is synonymous with the old proverb, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

Where else can you work that allows you to be in the trenches with people building their legacy and the success stories of tomorrow? It’s imaginative, creative and incredible. I think incredible is a word that is really understated - it means something is jaw dropping, mind altering, powerful and unlike anything else - and I think it’s an appropriate word for describing what it is like working with startups. 

My grounding place

I grew up as the middle child (and only girl) of three on a dairy farm. It was a very happy, wholesome and stable upbringing. Weekends were spent canoeing, building treehouses stories high, toasting marshmallows on bonfires, racing through corn fields on 4WD motor bikes and horse riding. The farm is still a very grounding and calming place for me - it’s a place where there’s no strings attached and no worries. I also get my energy from spending precious moments with my sweet baby girl, taking any opportunity to escape to the openness of the mountains to go skiing and just being around people who bring me joy. 

What the rest of the team think of Tort!

  • Dan - Love working Tort! She is incredibly genuine and determined, and brings a vibrant energy to the team. She operates at a lightning pace and is always willing to help across functions - a great team collaborator but an average Miro post-it illustrator.
  • Jess - I love working with Tort because she constantly stretches my thinking and is an amazing person to collaborate and build ideas with. She’s a trailblazer with unlimited energy and passion, while always being grounded in doing right by her team and delivering a great experience for our stakeholders. 
  • Phoebe - You don’t get a more down to earth, energetic and passionate person than Tort! I can always count on her for candid investor insights, a listening ear and helping me to solve problems on a daily basis here at Folklore. She also keeps me on my toes with regular workplace gags and banter - a true teammate keeping things real and fun.
  • Toby - Tort is awesome to work alongside; endlessly energetic, ruthlessly persistent and hilariously self-deprecating. She relishes new challenges, thrives when she’s at her busiest and is outstanding at building relationships - just don’t keep her waiting for something as she is (by her own admission) hopelessly impatient!

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