March 27, 2020

The Download #3

AU startups combat COVID-19, astronauts on social distancing and a call out to the fearless


Nicole McCallum

We hope you are keeping safe and well.

In this edition, read about HealthMatch, Swoop and Wonde’s responses to COVID-19. Eric Peck, cofounder of Swoop Aero shares his favourite millipede photo. And Alister on navigating uncertainty and fearless founders.

Tempus Recommends

Shut down and stay calm. Bill Gates’ thoughts on COVID19.

Supercomputers performing 330 million billion calculations a second to overcome the pandemic.

A mission driven mindset. What we can learn from Astronauts about social distancing.

Calling out to the fearless. Alister on investing in the next generation of ‘impossible’ companies for the next decade and beyond.


Aussie drones fight coronavirus. Swoop becomes the world’s first internationally piloted drone delivery.

HealthMatch combats COVID-19. Free patient recruitment for all research organisations finding coronavirus treatments and vaccines.

No hungry kids! Wonde ensures UK kids are fed during COVID19 school closures.

Missions to get behind. Jobs open at HealthMatch and Swoop Aero. Plus other Aussie Startups still hiring — check out the community curated list.

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