April 27, 2020

The Download #4

Leaning into opportunity, feeding 1 million kids, and Clean Beats


Nicole McCallum

Here’s what you need to download in April…

The cofounders of Auror share their career beginnings, Wonde feeds 1million kids, clean beats for isolation, and discussion on tech investment in the time of COVID.

We’re here for the next generation of storymakers. Although we may be social distancing, we’re open for business.


Lean into your opportunity. We share the importance of looking ahead in times of stress.

This video of Swoop operating in Malawi is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Manuri, HealthMatch CEO, featured in Forbes Asia’s list of most influential entrepreneurs.

16,000 UK schools are now using Wonde to ensure kids are fed during the UK lockdown.

Tech will help Australia thrive after COVID-19. Alister’s op-ed in Investor Daily.

Tempus Recommends

Marc Andreessen, who coined the phrase “software is eating the world” has challenged us to start building — we totally agree

Why we focus on trivial things: an exploration of the bikeshed effect

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Wear a face mask. Disturbing new footage shows how much we spit when talking.

The passport was born to help stop Spanish flu, but its 1920’s ethical concerns are still relevant.

Veggies grown in space. Terrestrial hydrology. NASA scientists solving the future.

Isolation Motivation 🎧

This month the Tempus team curated Clean Beats a Spotify playlist to get you through isolation.

Our next playlist comes out in early May and we’d love your input. Share the tunes motivating you during iso

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