May 28, 2020

The Download #5

The Future of Healthcare


Nicole McCallum

Here’s what you need to download in May…

In this edition, HealthMatch and Swoop Aero talk the future of healthcare, we explore clinically-backed strategies for founders to cope with uncertainty, and get to know our Investment Associate Dan in the 5 Questions with.


Tech reshaping the future of healthcare

Manuri from HealthMatch and Eric from Swoop Aero talked about the future of healthcare post-COVID in a recent Innovation Bay event hosted by Alister. Key takeaways:

  • HealthMatch and Swoop have seen an increase in health tech adoption globally since COVID.
  • Tech plays a huge role in building a healthcare system resilient to future pandemics.
  • Australia needs more early-stage health tech investors.

Watch the full video or read our summary.

Rethinking the medical supply chain

“There’s a vast array of opportunities at our fingertips when it comes to healthcare and innovation which has the potential to have a real, lasting impact for our future.” — Eric Peck, CEO at Swoop Aero.

Inside the mind of a founder at the frontier of medical disruption.

Prioritising mental wellbeing

Maintaining your wellbeing is no easy road when you’re building the next ‘impossible’ company. We were thrilled to have experienced clinical psychologist, Alysha Coleman, talk with our founders about strategies for mental resilience.

We share the top 5 strategies here.

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New WFH tunes

Are you searching for some new tunes to get you through the day? Check out Clean Beats Volume 2. Curated by us for you.

Listen on Spotify.

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