June 25, 2020

The Download #6

Life-changing robotics, 8 frameworks to drive success, AI written ‘Algostory’


Nicole McCallum

In this edition, we share investment notes on Swoop Aero, 8 influential business frameworks tech giants use, the making of an ‘Algostory’, and Andrew Larsen, Partner at Tempus answers the 5 Questions With.

Here’s what you need to download in June…


Our Series A investment in Swoop Aero

We’re proud to continue to back Swoop Aero who is on track to deliver 100 million people with better access to healthcare by 2025. Eric and Josh are ambitious founders advancing the delivery of healthcare through world-class innovation. Read our investment notes.

Welcoming Aurelius to our portfolio

A warm welcome to Aurelius who recently joined the Tempus family. Aurelius is a globally ambitious health technology company connecting people with addiction to a community of recognition and support.

Be part of the next generation of impossible

Job openings at HealthMatch, Advisor Ratings, Swoop Aero.

Tempus Recommends

The 8 most influential frameworks tech giants use to run operations, design business models and build products.

SpaceX finally sent humans into space. Now what? NASA space architect on the future of space travel.

‘Algostory’. AI written story offers Insights into machines deciphering meaning.

Cyro-electron microscopes open up a whole new universe. For the first time, scientists can see individual atoms!

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