July 30, 2020

The Download #7

Xenobots, drones in space, and fundraising tips


Nicole McCallum

In this edition, Swoop Aero’s next steps, fundraising tips from Hannah, Tesla engineer reinvents the chocolate chip and Jindou, cofounder of HappyCo answers the 5 Questions With.

Here’s what you need to download in July…


Swoop Aero soon to take flight in Australia. A summary of Eric’s recent chat with Australian Investment Council CEO.

Auror hosted the first-ever Global Retail Crime Summit attended by loss prevention and asset protection executives and Law Enforcement from all over the world.

How VCs kept the deals flowing. Great founders and great startups don’t stop or stop being funding during hard times.

Want to work for some of the best Startups in Aus? Positions open at Aurelius, HealthMatch, Swoop Aero.

We’re excited to welcome Annabelle to our team as Investment Operations Manager, after participating in the Startmate fellowship program, and from PwC where she spent 5 years in the forensic investigations team.

Hannah Field answers all your questions on fundraising. Catch her next Wednesday 5th August for an Innovation Bay AMA on raising VC capital.

The newest (littlest) addition to the Tempus family. Congrats to Alister and his family who welcomed baby Chloé earlier this month!

Tempus Recommends

Xenobots help us understand if DNA is hardware or software. Could these be the first living robots?

If you’re up for a surreal and beautiful take on small-town America sci-fi, Tales from the Loop is a hidden gem.

AI enables us to track the world’s carbon emission in real-time.

The Oxford vaccine…The story of a patient participating in the COVID vaccine trial.

An extraterrestrial drone could be the first spacecraft to go airborne on Mars.

Tesla engineer optimises the chocolate chip levelling up cookies all over the world.

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