August 28, 2020

The Download #8

Mathematical penguins, Kool-Aid, work for startups shaping the future


Nicole McCallum

This is your chance to be part of something great. A heap of our portfolio companies are currently hiring. Link to the job list below.

Also in this edition, would you watch an AI made movie, the fascinating history of Kool-Aid, mathematical penguin huddles and Peter Carpenter Wonde APAC Director answers the 5 Questions With.

Here’s what you need to download in August…


Ansarada has agreed on a reverse takeover of ASX-listed thedocyard along with a $45M capital raise on-market.

Australian Investment Council profiles our portfolio companies HealthMatch, Swoop Aero and Wonde in their Good News Stories.

Eric CEO of Swoop Aero featured on Tech Uncorked shares the founding story and discusses the future of drones.

Hannah shared advice for early startups raising from VC at the Innovation Bay AMA. Watch the session or check out a summary on this Twitter thread.

Lots of our incredible portfolio companies are hiring. Check out the list and apply!

Tempus Recommends

Not just a random huddle. Scientists discover penguins display rigorous geometric spacing and mathematical efficiency when huddling for warmth.

In-ear device stimulating the vagus nerve could help you learn a language twice as fast.

Watch the perfect movie every time. Could AI create movies? And would we actually want to watch them?

What does it take to create a truly innovative society? Economic historian analyses the past to uncover why some periods and countries had bursts of innovation.

Kool-Aid history. How a young entrepreneur used his DIY skills to develop Kool-Aid.

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