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Folklore Ventures is a long-range ambition machine for the great success stories of our time.

Startups are not small-big companies; they're an uninsulated journey into the unknown. As former founders and builders we've lived the ups and downs of this journey.

We understand what it takes to move mountains, firefight, celebrate small wins, and to do that day after day, year after year.

Our ambition is to be the investors we wished we had, to be a tight-knit team for our founders, a coach in the corner and a long term investor.

That’s what it takes to start and scale a business. That’s what we offer early-stage founders, and that’s why we invest first.

Our  Team

We're a team of startup investors, founders and operators committed to backing the most impactful founders and companies on the planet.

Our beliefs

Our Vision

To create an abundance of opportunity for future generations by building one of the world’s great investment firms.