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We're a first cheque to forever investor.
We partner with you from the moment you start, to wherever the journey leads us.

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Most of our investments have been pre-revenue, right at the start. We lead rounds, but don’t worry, if you've already taken investment, we should still talk.

When we invest, we're known for being eyes wide open, not fingers crossed. We want to understand what you want to achieve and how to make that happen.

After we invest, we want you to be in charge. We’ll be there for important decisions and to support you along the way.

Where we invest

We're sector-agnostic, which encourages founders to open our eyes to what's next.
We're excited for founders to teach us about the future they envision, particularly if they're pushing boundaries in these areas

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How we add value

Our ambition is to be the best investors we wish we had.

As former founders and builders, we've lived the ups and downs of the startup journey. We understand what it takes to move mountains, put out fires, and do it day after day.

We're a tight-knit team for our founders, a coach in the corner, an expansive network, and a long term investor. That’s what it takes to start and scale a business. That's what we offer founders.

Our Investment Process

How we do it

We believe in backing visionary founders and the catalytic power of teams, right from the beginning.

We look for founders who are obsessed with building the company of their dreams, and delivering a product they believe the world needs.
 We know time is everything, and fundraising shouldn't get in the way of velocity.

The first thing we try to understand is whether we're equally excited by what you want to achieve, and whether we'll want to work together for the next 10 years.

If we’re all good on fit, we'll go on the following investment journey together


Intro meeting

We want to understand who you are, what drives you, your vision, and why your company is important to you and your customers. If it’s a ‘no’ from us, you’ll get that quickly, with feedback, so you can keep moving.


Second meeting

We'll explore your assumptions, understand your competitive advantage,  anything that could stop you from succeeding, how you'll use the funds you raise, and work out where we can support you.


Deep dive

Together, we’ll lean in on product, roadmap, metrics (if they exist!), and key gaps and opportunities. This may include a few meetings, product walkthroughs, and visits. You’ll meet more Folklore team members and our Partners.


Investment committee

Over the course of working together, we form a deep understanding of you and your company. This is presented in an IC meeting where a final investment decision is made.


Term sheet

Once we get sign-off (hooray!), we’ll provide a term sheet, our timelines, and complete due diligence (e.g. legals, IP ownership, etc). Our terms are pretty straightforward and based on the AIC open source docs.



We work with the very best lawyers who reflect our values, are familiar with startups, and more importantly, keep the costs down while making sure we’re all set up to succeed.


Let's go!

This is the part we love the most. You get ready to grow, we get ready to help. There’s no waiting around for months like some other firms - you'll receive funding within a week of the docs being signed.


After that

We'll always act transparently and as a custodian of your company and your vision. No matter how hard things get, we ask that you do the same. Let’s go and build something amazing.

Investment FAQs

Give fundraising from us your best shot. Here's what  you need to know about our investment process.

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