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5 Questions With… The Cofounders of Mentorloop


Nicole McCallum

March 4, 2020

Heidi Holmes and Lucy Lloyd, co-founders of Mentorloop, talk to us about their love of Google Spreadsheets, favourite tech, and investment in each other!

Mentorloop is a mentoring software platform enabling organisations to match their people into effective mentorships at any scale, improving mentoring outcomes and saving program coordinators time.

What was your first full time / paid job?

Heidi: I started working as a tax cadet for KPMG straight out of school.

Lucy: I got a great part-time job as a copywriter for an online department store. Writing product descriptions like “this sassy handbag is perfect for the girl on the go”. I got exposure to e-commerce, marketing, and best of all I worked in a proper office!

What makes you weird?

Heidi: I have a 60 year old farmer’s taste in music (i.e. Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton).

Lucy: My love of Google Spreadsheets.

What piece of technology seems like magic to you?

Heidi: It’s a bit old school but I still think a telephone is amazing.

Lucy: I have sunglasses that have speakers in the arms that direct music into my ears without the need for headphones. You can still hear ambient noise around you, so it’s like my soundtrack in my head!

What investment (money, professional, personal, whatever!) have you made that’s had the greatest impact on your life?

Heidi: I think my parents making an investment in us as kids with their time has had the most profound impact on my life — particularly around teaching us the importance of a strong work ethic, staying grounded, and being master of your own destiny.

Lucy: It’s a sappy answer (and suck it that I thought of it Heidi!), but investment in my relationship with Heidi, co-founder in Mentorloop, has paid awesome dividends for me. Heidi had the original idea and brought me along for the ride, and I’m always grateful for how strong our founder relationship is!

If you could encourage someone to read/listen/watch one thing what would it be?

Heidi: The comedian — Dave Chappelle. As a comedian, he’s obviously super funny but he’s also incredibly intelligent, topical and controversial, which makes for compelling watching!

Lucy: Email newsletters — CB Insights, Next Draft, Two Truths & a Take, and The Hustle. I read a lot of fiction to relax — e.g. historical and detective fiction. So for current affairs and my own development, I rely on email newsletters.

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LinkedIn: Heidi Holmes & Lucy Lloyd
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