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Feeding hungry kids

Wonde responds to COVID-19 school closures.


Nicole McCallum

March 30, 2020

As schools are closing in the UK (and around the world) to help slow the spread of coronavirus, there are growing concerns that disadvantaged UK children will go hungry. In fact, for 1.3 million children in the UK from low-income families, their school lunch is often the only decent (and hot) meal they will eat that day.

Wonde is a Tempus edtech company with a data-security and app management software that enables schools to safely and easily deploy education applications across the school’s administration and curriculum. But as of last week, they are now ensuring disadvantaged children do not go hungry while UK schools are closed.

Wonde now ensures disadvantaged children do not go hungry while UK schools are closed

In response to concerns over school closures, the UK government offered meal vouchers or meal packages to low-income families whose children are usually eligible for free school lunches. However, no online mechanism to deliver these vouchers existed because the school lunch program was only ever deployed physically within schools.

In stepped Wonde, which already services 15,000+ schools and 25+ million children in the UK, Australia, and NZ.

Wonde co-founder, Peter Dabrowa, along with his team, watched as the UK school closure press conference unfolded, and realised Wonde had the power to support students and their families by digitally delivering meal vouchers directly to parents.

In under a week, Wonde built and deployed a technology solution that is now facilitating the distribution of these meal vouchers to parents and children who need it most.

At the time of writing this article, there are 3,260 schools (and growing) using the platform. And Wonde has distributed nearly £4.2 million worth of meal vouchers to families in need — and it is only day 5.

The responses from the government, parents, and schools have been overwhelming and Wonde’s Twitter feed is packed with love and praise from the school community.

At Tempus, we’re amazed at the positive initiatives from founders who continue supporting customers in hugely impactful ways and are solving the most pressing challenges for our global community. We have no doubt that during times like these, we’ll continue to see extra-ordinary innovation and creativity as frontier-minded founders step up and build the next generation of ‘impossible’ companies.

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