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Getting to know the Folklore team – Meet Cassidy

Meet Cassidy Batiste, Team Assistant


Folklore Ventures

February 14, 2022

Our team Q&As give you an inside look at the people behind Folklore.

Cassidy does more than just keep the wheels turning; she is a force propelling the Folklore team forward on our mission to back Australia and New Zealand's most legendary companies from their first cheques onwards.

What brought you to Folklore and what will you be doing here? 

Before joining Folklore, I worked in recruitment at Google and later Accenture. I was part of the end-to-end recruitment process and gained a lot of experience in learning how to find extraordinary talent and bring them into a company’s fold. 

I was drawn to Folklore’s mission to back ‘impossible’ ideas and help them reach their full potential, which resonates with my own non-conventional career path. As the Team Assistant, I’m the go-to person for the team. I work closely with our Partners to keep the team organised and ensure the office is humming along smoothly. 

What about Australia and New Zealand’s startup ecosystem most excites you? 

Working in recruitment showed me that there are so many talented and smart people in our ecosystem, including many who are working in our startup ecosystem. 

The startup world is growing fast and will only keep growing over the next few years. I’m excited that I get to be a part of it in a company like Folklore that’s up close and personal to the next wave of startups. 

What's a non-work passion? 

Sport is a big part of my life. I’m a naturally social and adventurous person – with a bit of a competitive side – so it’s no surprise that it is. I’ve made so many friends and been able to travel all over Australia through sport. 

My parents put me into sports when I was very young. I’ve since played almost every sport, including rugby league, netball, touch footy, swimming, dancing, cricket, water polo – you name it. I was that kid who put her hand up for every sport in school. 

I’m currently playing on an AFL team for the Parramatta Goannas as well as touch football. During lockdowns, when all team sports were cancelled, I got into a competitive walking streak with my friends but also got more into CrossFit training. It helped that my neighbours were CrossFit coaches! 

What similarities are there between sport and startups? 

Passion, tenacity, self-confidence and the ability to power through any obstacle are shared characteristics of both founders and athletes. Some founders might even argue that entrepreneurship is an extreme sport in itself! 

Even so, startups are not a one-person show. Founders need a strong team to bring complementary skills and different perspectives to the table, and to help them achieve their end goal. 

I think the stories of athletes and teams who battled against incredible odds before landing a big win are usually the most interesting to watch. And who doesn’t love a good underdog story? 

What’s your superpower? 

Perseverance. I’m a competitive person so when I face difficult challenges it motivates me.

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