Launching the State of Australian Startup Funding 2021


Folklore Ventures

March 1, 2022

Launching the State of Australian Startup Funding 2021

We're proud to share with you the inaugural State of Australian Startup Funding report, produced by Folklore and Cut Through Venture.

We’re venturing where no report has before to provide a data-driven look into the funding landscape, the key trends and issues shaping the future of the industry. We think it’s time Australia’s VC investment story was told to the world in a way that more accurately reflects what’s happening on the ground here.

Last year was a record-breaking year for Australian startup investments – total funding into startups more than tripled in size, with over $10 billion deployed into Aussie startups. And it’s not showing signs of slowing down, either: 90% of investors surveyed expect investment activities to increase in 2022.

As much as this report is a celebration of our rich startup funding landscape and how far we’ve come over the past 20+ years, it is also meant to act as a mirror that allows us to see the challenges we must overcome in order to create a diverse and inclusive ecosystem. We don’t just believe that we can achieve this, but we think that Australia can set the standard globally.

"By celebrating how far we’ve come while also highlighting any barriers in our way as we move from one stage of growth to the next, we hope the State of Australian Startup Funding 2021 report will help focus Australia’s founders, investors and policymakers on the opportunity and challenges that need to be addressed if we want to continue building the future from our shores, and creating economic resilience for future generations."

– Alister Coleman, Partner at Folklore

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to our data partners who shared their funding insights, as well as the nearly 900 startup founders, professional investors and angel investors who participated in our survey.

And to all the startup founders and operators who are building legendary companies – thank you for helping us build the future from Australia.

This report will be produced annually, and over time we expect to capture more data, provide more insight and have the report function in a way that will ultimately advance our ecosystem. If you’re an investor or startup builder, please your eyes peeled for the survey to make sure your voice is heard in our 2022 report.

To download the latest report, visit:

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